• All round categories:

This category focuses on a 360-degree evaluation of a hairdresser, from their business acumen, people skills to their technical prowess.

  1. Male Hairdresser of the year- (Voting & Judging for the final 3)-
  2. Female Hairdresser of the year- (Voting & Judging for the final 3)

Stylists willing to participate in these categories are required to submit at least 3 high res images of work that they have done as well as a short brief of where they should be nominated to as the top stylists.  Friends, clients or even other stylists can also nominate a stylist.

In both the Male and Female hairdresser of the year, stylists will be given a technical challenge that nominees will be expected to solve within 30minutes. Nominees shall also be taken through technical questions to test their scientific understanding of hair, which is critical for achieving health hair.

  1. Creative student of the year- (Submission)

Hair dressing schools/colleges can nominate a student as well as a student can apply to participate in this category. The student or school shall be required to send not less than 3 high res photos of creative work they have done.  This category will not only look at creativity but also test their understanding on styling, balancing and choice of styles for different face shapes.

  1. Avantgarde (Creative) stylists of the year- (Submission & Judging)

Hair salon, clients can nominate a stylist as well as a stylist can apply to participate in this category. The stylist or salon shall be required to send not less than 3 high res photos of creative work the stylist has done.

Stylists nominated into this category shall be tested for speed, imagination and the ability to create with hair.

2) Specialty category- Category is intended to drive focus and specialization in the industry. The intended success of this category is to have a better quality service delivery in each service that Kenyan consumers go looking for in salons.  Stylists’ shall do more research skewed into their specialty, which shall grow their knowledge and expertise hence a more professional service delivery

Stylists participating in any of the specialty categories shall be required to sent high-resolution images of work they have done in the particular sub-category they want to be nominated into.

Upon nomination stylists will be advised on their nomination and will be required to come with a model on whom they shall do their technical work. Stylists will be given a challenge as well as technical question that will test their understanding on the area they will be nominated into.

  1. Colorist of the year-
  2. Bridal stylist of the year
  3. Hair cut of the year- Ladies stylish/trendy haircuts
  4. Weaveologist of the year
  5. Loctician stylist of the year
  6. Afro (natural hair) stylist of the year
  7. Barber of the year

3) Business category-

  1. Best salon of the year
  2. Hair dressing school of the year

The business category is intended to enhance customer care, employee / employer relationship and general ambiance of the salon environment. Salons that enroll for this category shall be visited impromptu and judging shall be done in the salon’s current state. This is meant to have salons standards maintained at the highest from day to day.

In these two sub-categories the public in at liberty to vote for the salon that you feel has what it takes to be the salon of the year in Kenya.

  1. Brand of the Year (stylist vote)

In this Category Salon stylists shall vote for brands that have delivered outstanding quality standards as well as the brand that has supported the industry through initiatives like professional training and partnerships with stylists/salons/cosmetology schools.  People voting for the brand of the year shall be required to give a short compelling story on why they vote that particular brand.

4) Outstanding Category

Honorary award– Awarded to a member of the industry for work done to better the industry or influence created among other members of the hair industry. This could be someone currently in the industry who has devoted his/her time in bettering the industry and changing the immediate world’s perception about the industry in a positive regard. The general public is encouraged to vote for different personalities. Individuals can as well nominate themselves and clearly articulate their performance that they have done to positively influence the industry.